Review: Chuffed Cafe

Chuffed Cafe is situated on Auckland Citys High Street, surrounded by urban clothing stores and chic cafes. It’s tucked away off the street with indoor and outdoor seating options and has a natural, rustic atmosphere. As you enter the cafe, you are welcomed with the fresh smell of coffee beans and the cutest little cabinet of sweet and savory options. At first, the cafe seems small but once you step out into the courtyard, it opens right up and has beautiful natural sunlight beaming in. One lovely touch was the sheep skins draped over the seats so it was nice and soft to sit on. Not only did it look chic, it was a really good idea to turn a hard, plain seat into a comfortable one.

As we sat down, the waitress bought over menus, water for the table and let us know the specials and what was not available. This was a big thumbs up from me. There’s nothing worst than going through the menu, finally picking what you want, ordering it and then they say sorry we are out of that. Okay, maybe there are worse things but it is still very annoying! Because I’m a foodie nerd, I had already looked at the menu online on Zomato (foodie app) so I had a fair idea of what I was getting. My partner who never looks at menus beforehand picked what he was getting in about 3 seconds (and always seems to get it right).

I ordered the spring fruit and a snickers shake. The spring fruit was raspberry ricotta, violet sugar & granola clusters and the snickers shake, well, I think you all know what deliciousness that is. My partner ordered the smoked pork cheek served with apple & fennel slaw, gremolata on sourdough and a banana, salted caramel shake. Hey, it’s the weekend, we were treating ourselves okay 🙂

Once we had ordered, it wasn’t too long after our shakes arrived and they were absolutely huge! Both flavours were exactly what you would expect them to taste like so it was a 5/5 from me on the shakes!


After flicking through a few magazines that were available and admiring the cute pot plants along the wall, our food arrived and both dishes looked very presentable, especially the spring fruit. Of course, my partner had to suffer for a minute for me to get the picture I wanted before eating hah but hey then I can write about it now and show you guys right?

My meal was on the smaller portion side so it was lucky I filled up on my shake or I would have still been hungry. For $16, I would have expected a little more granola in the bowl or maybe a few more pieces of fruit but none the less, it was tasty and nice and light. My partners pork cheek was very tender and had a nice sweet taste; however, the apple & fennel slaw lacked a lot of flavour – unfortunately all he could taste was mayonnaise. If anyone is wondering what gremolata is, it’s basically just a herb garnish. Overall, food was about 3/5 as the spring fruit portion was really small and the apple & fennel slaw lacked any punch to it.

Fruit Granola

Our total bill for two meals and two drinks was $47 which wasn’t too bad. I thought the shakes were very reasonable at only $6 each considering how large they were, but the meals were slightly on the pricey side for lacking size and full flavour.

Overall, I give service 4/5, drinks 5/5, food 3/5 and atmosphere 3.5/5. I would recommend giving this newbie cafe a go, especially on a nice sunny day where you can enjoy the outside courtyard or grab a shake or coffee to go. Next time, I’ll be trying one of their crumpets from the menu. Chuffed Cafe is open Monday-Friday 7am-4pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm, situated at 43 High Street next to Peter Alexander.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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